How To Remove Static From Clothing

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One of the most irritating wardrobe malfunctions is discovering that your brand new dress is full of static and clings to your body like Gladwrap.

Static can affect all kinds of fabrics, though especially synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester. To get technical, static is caused by a build up of electrons that occurs when one surface rubs against another. (Hence, why over-drying clothes in a tumble dryer can leave them full of static). Since synthetic fabrics have little water absorbency, they are particularly prone to over-drying.

So how to remove static for those times you are running out the door and need relief fast?

If you don’t happen to have any anti-static spray (available from most supermarkets and drycleaners), we have three different solutions: hairspray; body moisturize; and a wire coat hanger.


A quick spray of hairspray underneath the hem of a clingy dress offers immediate relief from static build-up. We tested it, and though it doesn’t last all night, it is a great quick fix that gives instant relief and much-needed confidence before you walk out the door.

Body Moisturizer

Slathering some moisturizer on your legs before your put on a dress helps to eliminate static that can build up when getting dressed barefoot on carpet (like most bedrooms!). It is also a useful remedy at the office, if you realise that your pants or skirt is clinging and you need a quick-fix.

Wire Coat Hanger

This one is for the science buffs. The metal on the wire hanger picks up loose electrons, so simply go over your item of clothing with the coat hanger and the static should be drawn out of the garment.

 Let us know you have any other creative methods of removing static!


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