Alter It has a range of special offers to ensure you are getting the best deal on alterations, clothing repairs, dressmaking and tailoring. Please see our special offers detailed blow.

15% Off School Uniform Alterations

Bring your school uniforms to be altered and you will receive 15% off our regular price. 

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Rewards Card

Collect your Special Friend card and after your 10th garment alteration you will receive one regular pant hem shortened FREE of charge.

Seniors Discount

Seniors save 10% off our regular prices.

10% Off Club Discount

Register your club as an Alter It Special Friend and all your club members will receive 10% off their club uniform alterations. We provide a Letter of Special Offer for you to include in your new members packs, offering club uniform alternations at 10% off regular prices.

10% Off Business To Business Alterations

Register your business as an Alter It Special Friend and all your business uniforms will be altered for 10% off our regular price. We will provide you with a Letter of Special Offer to be provided to all your staff members, offering business uniform alterations at 10% off our regular prices.

$5 Off South Yarra Alterations

Please print out the voucher and bring it to our South Yarra store to receive your discount.

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