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The Clothing Exchange - A sustainable fashion swap meet!


The Clothing Exchange is a professional swapping service that promotes the simple notion of swapping instead of shopping for a better wardrobe and better world. The Clothing Exchange mediates the exchange of clothing donated by patrons in the form of a clothes swapping event.


These events attract everything from designer wear to good quality basic garments from local high street stores. Placed side by side in the context of the exchange, a great little frock from a basic label can upstage a designer dress because the exchange rightfully places individual style and fit before branding.


You can swap up to 6 garments or accessories - your 6 items are submitted on arrival, and you are given 6 buttons which are used as currency.  All garments are screened at the door to uphold the overall quality… nothing is accepted that is pilled, pongy or straying too far from perfect, and no undergarments, swimwear, tracksuits or anything polarfleece!

The event has everyone starts at the same time to ensure a fair swap.
You can take up to 3 garments to try at any one time so that everyone has a chance at a successful swap. (If caught with more than 3 garments, you will be asked to leave the swap for 5 minutes because hoarding is not fair to all participants)

Once you have your lovely new wardrobe,  you then proceed to the check-out to ‘pay’ for it with your buttons

Any leftover garments or accessories are donated to Red Cross, Fitted for Work and other local charities.

For more information and details on the next swap event, see The Clothing Exchange website.

Services Mentioned: Button It / Dry Clean It / Hem It / Label It / Lengthen It / Measure It / Mend It / Patch It / Pin It / Remodel It / Resize It / Shorten It / Zip It

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