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A big thank you to all our customers at Richmond who waited patiently for the Lennox Street store to reopen. The area around us was closed off for 3 days to allow the damaged crane next door to be dismantled.

Luckily for the bride whose wedding dress was stranded in the store, we were able to get access to the store in time for the dress to be perfect for her big day on Saturday!

It’s back to business now and we hope to see you soon.

Services Mentioned: Bridal Party / Button It / Costumes / Dressmaking / Dry Clean It / Hem It / Label It / Leather It / Lengthen It / Measure It / Mend It / Number It / Patch It / Pin It / Pocket It / Remodel It / Repair It / Resize It / Shorten It / Taper It / Wedding / Zip It

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