A Devil Of A Dressmaker

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We were thrilled this week to receive an email from a happy customer of our Eltham store.  The email confirms that we are justifiably proud of our professionalism, convenience, quality, customer service and communication. 

The email was received from a customer who required her daughter’s evening dress shortened and modified using the material offcuts, with a three day timeframe.  The customer mentioned that usually she would make such alterations herself, but that her sewing machine was out of action.

In part the email says “It was really refreshing to come into your store and be able to deal with professional staff that knew what we needed and were able show us how they could achieve this, then more importantly deliver what they promised - wow!  At a time when we are all time poor, I've come to the realization that I don’t need to get my sewing machine fixed now because it was so much simpler to drop this dress into Christine at Alter it for her to wave her wand and save my time and headache. Thanks again to Christine at Alter It Eltham for her professionalism"

Well done Christine - and love your Halloween look.

Services Mentioned: Dressmaking / Hem It / Remodel It / Resize It / Shorten It

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